Juice Detox – Day 1

5 Jan

And it begins.

Have you ever felt inspired to take on some crazy goals?  Well, today is Day 1 of a crazy juice cleanse my boyfriend and I have decided to do over the course of who knows how long … until we can’t do it any longer.  This is also part of the last leg of a candida cleanse from The Whole Journey.  If you are interested, you can learn more about the candida cleanse here —> Candida Cleanse  I’m adding it myself to get things flowing for me as I take on 2014.

There really is no rhyme or reason to our juice cleanse, but here’s what the first day looked like for me (it’s not perfect!).

Upon Waking – 16 oz of warm lemon water (I used 1 lemon).  If you can do one thing a day to support the bodies natural detoxification process, this is it.

9AM – Wheat Grass shot – this was pretty gnarly, not sure how I stomached it.  I guess you aren’t supposed to eat 1 hour after wheatgrass but I caved and made an avocado coconut cream smoothie with cinnamon & stevia.

This AM I hit up the farmer’s market for more greens.  I find their selection is a lot better than the store & a lot more reasonable than the neighborhood Whole Foods.  I picked up: Dandelion Greens, Cilantro, Parsley, Beets & Kobucha Squash (for snacks – see, not a perfect juice detox).

At this point of the day I’m surviving off of mineralized water.

2PM – 1 part greens, 1 part carrots, 1 part apple juice in a 16 oz glass & some Teecino.  I needed something warm.

4PM – raw almonds, about 1 Cup – I over did it!  Realization, I LOVE to snack.  These almonds were sweetened with stevia, seasoned with cinnamon & salt.

6PM – chicken bone broth with 1 T of gelatin.  Very soothing & delicious.  Then another Juice.

We juiced all of the dandelion greens, beets & then made an apple, parsley, spinach, cilantro, lemon juice to be prepared for tomorrow.

The day went well.  Not sure how this will go over when work starts up again on Monday, but there’s only one way to find out.  Until then I’m going to keep on keeping on!


New Year – New Goals

30 Dec

With 2014 on the horizon, I find myself reflecting on an exciting year that was full of love, family & work. My accomplishments, the biggest of all, was my new job as a commercial real estate broker at one of the top firms in the world. 6 months of interviewing and I finally found myself on a career path that makes sense and opens a world of opportunity. Another accomplishment is taking the next step with someone I love. Moving into a new home (without Kitty) and making it our own. This process, although it scared me at first, was done with ease and grace. We really do complement each other.  Lastly, are the trials and tribulations of my health.  I truly believe that my battle this year has brought awareness to slow down and savor each moment.  Albeit tough and expensive, I’ve learned so much about myself and my physical limits this year.

2014 I dedicated to health, creativity, career & love.

Being fully aware of my body’s limitations, my goal is to not get run down and to slow down.

Yoga, meditation, long runs, reading.  Embracing those quiet moments and looking inward.

Blogging is also on the list.  I realized my outlet truly is writing, cooking and nutrition.  Between working long hours and trying to stay in shape, writing grounds me – I will do more of it.  Hopefully I can learn more about webdesign along the way & get my health coaching business up and running a little bit stronger.

Fitness – yoga, bootcamp, eating right.

Career – making a strong push to reach my goals for 2014.  Financially independent, debt free, strong networks, Stanford pride.  This is something that is so important to me as I get older.  My career will keep me afloat as I explore more freelance options for the future.

I’m keeping specifics to myself to hold close – but I hope my readers can join me as we make 2014 an incredible year.

– LC


Vitamin You

2 Oct

When you start with you, you can change the world.  Starting with yourself, making positive choices, living in your true voice will naturally and effortlessly inspire others to do the same.  It is a domino effect.

Choosing to eat well, choosing to smile, choosing to see others in a positive light are all small steps you can take to change yourself and those around you.  This is why I call my business Vitamin You.  You are the antidote to your health.  Health is more than just eating your broccoli, health is all encompassing.  Health in your heart, health in your mind, health in your environment.  It starts with you and your confidence.

I was inspired to write this post after Marie TV created a video about Half The Sky.  I read Half The Sky about 3 years ago and it was life changing.  We truly feel the pain and excitement of others through stories.  Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn wrote this book to bring awareness of the change that comes with empowerment of women.  As a woman who has experienced sexual harassment in my work place, a minor experience compared to the discrimination and harassment women have faced in some of the poorest countries in the world, I know the toll it can take on your self esteem and self respect.  This needs to change.  Women have so much to offer.  We must support each other and be the change we would like to see in this world.  I highly recommend reading this book and taking action – starting with you.

Half the Sky Movement.  Check it out.

October Goals

2 Oct

Although it is 90 degrees here in California, I can feel the Fall in the air.  Leaves are changing colors and there’s a slight chill breaking up our heat wave.  People won’t stop talking about Pumpkin Lattes, winter boots and halloween costumes.  I am excited for October!  This month I plan on perfecting a homemade pumpkin latte, simply because Starbuck’s version is overwhelmingly sweet for my taste buds, I also plan on majorly cramming for GMAT and grad school applications … adios social life.  Lastly, I plan on taking deeper breathes and embracing a meditation challenge.  What’s funny is I had been thinking of this all September.  Today, one blogger and Gabrielle Bernstein mentioned their own meditation challenges.  It must be meant to be!  I will be following GB’s challenge.

Here’s the schedule for the week:

Monday:  Run / Spin

GMAT: Class

Tuesday: TRX

GMAT: Study 3 hours – check out the Library at VC (I wish it were open longer!)

Wednesday: Spin

GMAT: Class

Thursday: Teaching Spin


Friday: Off


Saturday & Sunday – 4 hours each day.  Take my first practice exam!

October Goals:

31 Day Meditation Challenge

Meal Plan every Sunday

Roast a chicken twice this month, Make homemade broth to fight off any bugs

Have an amazing Halloween!

Start running – 5 miles a week

Get another spinning gig

Save dinero

What are your goals for October?


Handling Difficult People At Work

26 Sep

How do you do it?
Over the past 6 years, I’ve found myself in more uncomfortable situations at work than I want to think about.  Most of it has been sexual harassment cases that are not blatantly outrageous, but have put me in uncomfortable situations.  It’s always been a verbal attack.  Sometimes I wonder if this is because I’ve found myself in a ‘man’s’ world, Commercial Real Estate, or it’s simply Bad Luck.  What I fight with everyday is when do you tell someone to stop, how do you tell someone to stop, how do you avoid the awkwardness that will ensue AFTER you tell someone to stop.

For me, sexual harassment is a form of disrespect.  A man puts a woman down in the workplace to relinquish their control.  Either they were raised to not respect women in the workplace, their wife is at home so they feel threatened by a woman in the workplace, or they are just plain Assholes.  Sometimes the latter is the most difficult.

Holding Myself Accountable

25 Sep

Last week was a bit intense, but I was able to stay on track for the most part.  Baby steps with this GMAT and application thing, it can all be very overwhelming.  Here’s the plan for this week:

Monday:  Hike Arroyo

GMAT:  Online Class 7-10PM

Tuesday: 6AM TRX (try something new!)

GMAT: Study 3 hours

Wednesday: 6AM Booty Barre

GMAT: Online Class 7-10 PM

Thursday: Spin at 530 PM


Friday:  Run 4 miles!


Saturday & Sunday:  STUUUUDY!

Planning Ahead

17 Sep

Since I’ve begun working with clients, I’ve noticed one theme in particular.  Many people desire the skills and focus to plan meals and workouts ahead of time.  By planning ahead, you make better decisions and hold yourself accountable.  It reminds me of a book I recently read called The Checklist Manifesto.  Creating a check list or to do list helps you stay organized and stay on the path to success.  With that being said, it’s Monday, and here’s my weekly work out and study schedule:

Monday – 2 mile morning run with lunges (100) … I’m still nursing an ankle injury, but it felt good to run in the morning fog, even if the run was simply a loop around the neighborhood.

GMAT – 7-10 Online Class, 10 practice questions from GMAT review

Tuesday – 6 AM teaching Spin

GMAT – Library 3 hours, 20 practice questions, complete book III & start Book IV

Wednesday – 6 AM Booty Barre (my new fav workout)

GMAT – 10 practice questions, Class 7-10 AM

Thursday – Teaching Spin today, 20 pushups and foam roll

GMAT – Off

Friday – OFF

Saturday – Teaching spin today, 20 pushups and foam roll

Sunday – Boot camp

GMAT – 5 hours, practice exam day!

Let’s see if this works!  Next step will be organizing my meals.  Are you IN?!


What is Healthy?

13 Sep

The news has been reporting that McDonald’s is in the midst of revamping their menu to include more healthier items, and I quote “more smoothies, wraps, salads.”  Is this what society believes is Healthy Food?  To be quite honest, I’d feel more than underwhelmed if I ordered a smoothie, wrap or salad from McDonald’s.  But if they decide to post calories, I just may have to order the salad.


My guess is they will provide Non Fat dressing, Non Fat milk, Lower sodium chicken breast, Sugar Free Smoothies.  Still, is this healthy?  I suppose this change is a positive one for those who simply can not afford to eat anywhere but McDonald’s.  Unfortunately, their diet will still be lacking in many nutrients necessary to live a healthy, satisfying life.

Healthy to me is Real Food – fruit off the branch, grass fed cow from the fields, lettuce picked from my garden still dripping with morning dew.  This isn’t about calorie counting, this is about satisfying hunger at it’s most primal source.  When we deprive ourselves, we find ourselves wanting more.  This is a natural reaction to the low fat, non fat, sugar free craze.  You are instantly allowing someone to eat more of something because it isn’t that bad for you, it’s ‘Sugar-Calorie Free.’  I’ve been there – Non Fat Yoplait yogurts in college feared me!  When I eat real food, I have a sense of satisfaction and wholeness.

What does Healthy mean to you?  What did it mean to you 10 years ago?

Try Something New

12 Sep

Last night I attempted Booty Barre at a new fitness studio in my City.  After being a crossfitter for 3 years, I was looking for a workout that had more of a ‘feminine’ edge, something that would stretch my muscles and use my body weight vs. throwing giant weights around and working on my testosterone (sorry crossfit! I still love you… just not right now!).  Booty barre was perfect!  Jami, the instructor was awesome.  As we went through the movements.  I felt like I was back in ballet when I was a little girl, except this time my buns were burning!


Part of my health coaching business will be inspiring people to try new things.  Putting yourself out there is important.  It takes confidence in yourself and a fearless attitude.  You are vulnerable.  It is something we always did as kids, but as we get older, I notice people stick with what makes them comfortable.  There is so much to see and do in this lifetime, why not put a smile on your face and challenge yourself to something new.  The scariest part is always taking the first step.

My company, Vitamin You, will be launching in 4 months.  I hope to use this blog as a platform to keep people posted on my journey of becoming a leader in the health coaching industry.  Working Girls Kitchen was just the beginning and that was 3 years ago.  While living and working in San Francisco, it was hard to fight my urge to write and cook ‘healthier’ meals.  It’s fun to reflect and see how far I’ve gotten with this passion in health & cooking.

What new workout / event / club / etc. have you tried lately that made you anxious a intimidated?  How did it work out?

September Goals

11 Sep

September has instilled a sense of Fall in everything I do.  I’m craving pumpkin in everything, I can’t wait to bite into a crisp (in season) apple, I’m more focused at work and with my career goals, I have an unrelenting desire to curl up by a fire every night with a good book, red wine sounds delicious, the list goes on.  With a new month, also comes an opportunity for me to document my goals.  Blogging makes me a feel a little vulnerable (my 2 readers will learn a lot about me😉 ), but I do admire the girls who blog everyday and put themselves out there.  It’s all about building a community and finding someone who resonates with your personal goals & lifestyle.

This summer has brought some challenges in my career.  I have to admit I am very unhappy with my company and only see one way to making things better… that is out.  In fact, I just googled my name to make sure this post wouldn’t be seen by potential employers! ack.  Instead, I found a health psychologist in Australia… internet makes the world so small!

Here are my September Goals so far!

  • Try TRX at a local studio
  • Meditate more
  • Hike at least once a week
  • Study hard for my GMAT exam (Stay focused!)
  • Finish 2 essays for my grad school programs
  • Go gluten free


What are your goals for the month?



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